Cardboard boxes

Single Walled or Double Walled cartons, ideal for packaging different weight products or parts such as metal parts, plastics, textiles, confectionary etc. available in brown or white. We have standard sizes in stock- Large, medium, small and a range of shapes. Our extensive range also includes large export cartons and archive boxes. We also have more specialist cartons for different industries such as vegetable cartons, mango and yam cartons.

Category: Protective packaging
Availability: in stock

Table of Box Sizes
Box No. Description
Box 1 Brown 3 PLY (305mm x 230mm x 280mm)
Box 2 Brown 3 PLY (365mm x 250mm x 230mm)
Box 3 Brown 3 PLY (370mm x 280mm x 310mm)
Box 4 Brown 3 PLY (410mm x 310mm x 190mm)
Box 5 Brown 3 PLY (400mm x 400mm x 400mm)
Box 6 Brown 3 PLY (560mm x 460mm x 460mm)
Box 7 Brown 5 PLY (600mm x 600mm x 600mm)
Box 8 Pizza 12"
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